Clear Aligners and Invisalign seem to be everywhere these days! From DIY (Do-It-Yourself) options online, to dental and orthodontic offices. You can feel overwhelmed with where to go and why. At Walt Orthodontics, we want to explain to you what is important to know about Invisalign provider options and the difference with our Invisalign treatment.  



Orthodontists are Bite and Alignment Specialists 

While there may be many places to go for Invisalign, an orthodontist is a true specialist. Orthodontists and dentists both attend dental school. However, acceptance into an orthodontic residency program is extremely competitive. Orthodontists have also spent 3,700 hours of orthodontic training focusing on braces, bite problems and straightening teeth. 

Dr. Walt received his dental (DDS) degree from the University of Western Ontario, graduating first in his class and receiving the Gold Medal as well as numerous awards recognizing his scholastic and clinical achievements, leadership and character. He then completed his orthodontic training at the University of Colorado, where he received both his Specialty Certificate and Master of Science Degree. During his residency, he was awarded the Rocky Mountain Orthodontics Scholarship for overall excellence.


Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider 

On top of education, training and certifications, each provider can vary so much. Invisalign has made it easy to see where your provider lies. On their website they have a ‘Find a Doctor’ page which displays the practice, doctor, offerings and their Invisalign status. Walt Orthodontics is recognized as a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider. This prestigious designation means Dr. Walt is in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers. Just because a dentist or orthodontist offers Invisalign, it doesn’t mean they are proficient or experienced at it.


The Proof is In The Results 

Do you know the saying ‘you need to see it to believe it’? We’ve got the proof for you! Check out our results gallery page to see some before and after photos. You’ll see some of the many cases Dr. Walt has successfully completed using Invisalign!

To date, Dr. Walt has completed over 1,700 Invisalign cases! 


A Personalized Plan 

At Walt Orthodontics, we take pride in providing a custom treatment plan for each patient. We provide you with a free consultation and review your bite, teeth and jaws. From there Dr. Walt will create a personalized treatment plan for you with Invisalign!

Reminder, Orthodontics Is Not A Product 

You may also come across Invisalign or Clear Aligners being sold online as a DIY product. It is important to remember that expertise and experience play a big role in orthodontic care. You wouldn’t undergo any transforming medical treatment without professional in-person medical supervision. Trust only a certified orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment is not a product, it is a professional medical service. 


Get Started With Invisalign At Walt Orthodontics 

At Walt Orthodontics, Dr. Walt and our team bring you the credentials, experience, results, and personalization you’ll love. While there are many options available, trust your smile to a team like ours, that can make all the difference! We welcome you to book your free consultation with us on our website. Our clinic is conveniently located in Vaughan and takes pride in helping thousands of smiles in our Maple-Vaughan-Thornhill community! 

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