Why do orthodontists require patients to use retainers? For retention! We’ve worked so hard on helping you achieve your new healthy, beautiful smile and we want it to stay that way! 

At Walt Orthodontics, we’re happy to share more details about what types of retainers are available, how they work and why we use them. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect when your braces come off and it’s time for yours!

What Is A Retainer?

A retainer is an orthodontic appliance that helps keep your teeth in their proper alignment. It prevents your teeth from shifting out of their proper position after your braces come off.


Who Needs Retainers?

Everyone who has had orthodontic treatment requires retainers. It makes no difference if the treatment was braces or Invisalign. For some people, their teeth aren’t prone to shifting that much after treatment is complete. For others, their teeth may shift significantly. Because we cannot predict if teeth will shift or not, we provide everyone with retainers. Ultimately, however, retainer wear is the responsibility of the patient to manage long term.

What Types Of Retainers Are Available?

There are a range of retainer options, but the most common are lingual (behind the teeth) and removable.

The right type of retainer should fit comfortably on your teeth but still allow you to speak clearly and easily without any restrictions.

Dr. Walt will recommend a specific type of retainer based on your treatment plan and individual needs.


Why Is It Important To Wear Retainers Every Single Day?

Your orthodontic treatment doesn’t end when your braces come off. Retainers are a key component of the plan! They help prevent your teeth from shifting, which naturally occurs over time. This happens with daily wear and tear as well as age. Your teeth won’t drastically shift in one night. However, if you don’t wear your retainers every day – the daily movements add up and you could be right back to where you started – with braces or Invisalign! 


Achieve and Retain Your Smile With Us! 

Dr. Walt and our team take pride in helping patients achieve their best possible smiles – and keep them! We’re here to build beautiful healthy smiles for life. At Walt Orthodontics, you can count on us for personalized treatment plans, compassionate care, and experience you can depend on. 

Call us now or book an appointment online to get started on your smile journey.

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