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We specialize in Invisalign® and braces using the latest in digital technology—this singular vision ensures that we provide our patients with the most current and comprehensive care.

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Our Expertise is Diamond Clear

When choosing your Orthodontist, consider their Invisalign® Provider Status.

What to Expect

“Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good”

As the wise Yogi Bhajan once said, Walt Orthodontics lives by this within our team culture by being dedicated to creating beautiful smiles both in our office and in our community.

Community Initiatives

What Makes Walt Orthodontics Great

1. Flexibility & Value

We work with all our patients to come up with affordable, interest-free payment plans that suit each individual’s needs.

Fun & Friendly
2. Fun & Friendly

We specialize in making aligners and braces fun and educating experience in and out of the office!

Quality & Expertise
3. Quality & Expertise

Our doctors and staff are leaders in the orthodontic profession and bring to you exceptional expertise for your treatment.

Exceptional Convenience
4. Exceptional Convenience

We know everyone is busy and that your time is valuable! We do our best to limit your time in our office so you can be out living your life!

Leading Edge
5. Leading Edge

We invest in the latest technology in orthodontics to ensure faster treatment times, fewer appointments, and better treatment outcomes.

A Word From Dr. Walt

“Orthodontics is a dynamic profession and I continually strive to post the most current content. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or my team.”

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Getting started on becoming a patient in our office is easy! The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation! (For children, we recommend the first orthodontic evaluation take place at age 7.) At yours or your child’s consultation appointment, our skilled team will gather information about your smile, and Dr. Walt or Dr. Matta will discuss the treatment options with you!

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“We look forward to meeting you! Be sure to check out the chalkboard when you walk in.”

– Dr. David Walt

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Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages

Are you interested in orthodontic treatment for a Child, Teenager, Adult? Find out about all of the options we offer.

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