Your first Invisalign appointment, how exciting! When arriving at your first appointment we understand that you may be wondering what to expect. At Walt Orthodontics, your first appointment is as easy as can be with help from our amazing Invisalign technicians and team. 

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is the use of clear aligners that are fabricated and customized specifically for you, that you change on a weekly basis to achieve your dream smile. Without all of that bulky metal on your teeth, like traditional braces, Invisalign will give you a healthy smile, with quicker treatment times, and fewer emergencies. Invisalign treatment provides an overall easier lifestyle, as there are no food restrictions and there are less frequent appointments.

At Walt Orthodontics we also offer virtual appointments to help guide you through your treatment using our dental monitoring software. You can enjoy watching your new smile transform with less time in the dental chair!

Complimentary Initial Consultation / Creating Your Custom Treatment Plan

After scheduling your complimentary initial consultation with us at Walt Orthodontics, we will send you a welcome package to your email. Be sure to come prepared for your appointment by completing your online health history form prior to your appointment. This will ensure a smooth first visit to our office, and allow our staff to have as much information as possible when discussing treatment options with you. 

The initial consultation is where all the magic for your orthodontic journey begins. Our experienced team will complete a quick and painless 3D scan of your teeth (meaning no gooey impressions) followed by our specific array of photographs of your teeth and smile, as well as two specific diagnostic digital x-rays (which we can obtain from your dentist if they have already been taken). 

After gathering the important records, you will meet with our Treatment Coordinator and Orthodontist to discuss your personalized treatment plan options. An in-depth discussion will offer you all the information for your custom Invisalign treatment plan that has been created for you by our doctors. 

After the discussion regarding treatment, we will go through our treatment fee. We offer flexible, interest-free payment plans, and if you have orthodontic insurance coverage, we will help you with your claims every step of the way to maximize your reimbursement.  

You Have Chosen Invisalign For Your Treatment Method—Now What?

Step 1. Building Your Custom Aligners

Scanning your mouth with our top of the line scanning equipment allows us to measure every tooth precisely, creating a 3D image of your teeth and mouth that our doctors are able to utilize to create custom, perfectly fit aligners specifically for you. The aligners are then fabricated by Invisalign, and shipped to us for your first Invisalign appointment. 

Step 2. Your First Day With Aligners 

With our in-office Invisalign experts, we can prepare you with all of the best tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable and confident with wearing your new aligners. We will teach you how to insert and remove your trays, as well as how to best take care of them, and keep them clean. Remember, there will be a transitional period! Getting used to the aligners takes approximately 2-3 days. But you will be a pro in no time, and you won’t even realize they are there!

Step 3. Watching Your Smile Transform 

Using our dental monitoring software, you will always have our team at your fingertips. Through the app, you are able to use your smartphone to scan your mouth and ask questions at any time. You can even watch a weekly video of the progression of your smile right before your eyes! 

Dental Monitoring and Aftercare

At your first appointment, our dental monitoring/Invisalign specialists will guide you through the ins and outs of the dental monitoring app. You will receive your very own set of cheek retractors and will gain access to our digital team who are available to you every day for any questions or concerns.  

We know life is busy, so why have dental checkups every 8 weeks? With the dental monitoring app, we are able to remotely monitor your treatment, cutting the number of in-office visits in half! 

Month 1

Learn all of the aspects of your orthodontic treatment. Familiarize yourself with your dental monitoring app and get comfortable wearing your aligners. 

Months 2 – 6

Watch your smile start to transform, start smiling bigger and more confidently.

Months 7 – 12

Your bite has improved, your teeth are much straighter. Now for final customizable touches to create your dream smile!

Ready to Start Your Invisalign Journey? 

If you’re ready to start transforming your smile, contact our amazing administrative team, or call 905-553-8666 to book your free consultation today.

In-Person Consultation

Use our handy online scheduler below to choose the date and time that works best for your initial complimentary consultation appointment!

Alternatively, please contact our office directly by phone/text if you are trying to book multiple consultations at the same time or are seeking consultation further out than 12 weeks.

Please note – If none of the available times on our online scheduler work for you we do have other consultation times available. Please contact us directly for more information.

Virtual Consultation

Skip the office visit and have your free consultation from the comfort of your home. The start to your beautiful smile is just a few photos and clicks away.

Virtual Consultation

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