Cutting Edge Technology

At Walt Orthodontics, we invest in the latest technology. We have technology touching nearly every area of our practice. By utilizing the most recent advancements in orthodontics, we ensure faster treatment times, fewer appointments, and better treatment outcomes… you can thank our team later!

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Use our handy online scheduler to choose the date and time that works best for your initial complimentary consultation appointment! If you would like to do your free consultation from home, please complete our virtual consultation platform.

Virtual Consultations & Appointments

We’ve gone virtual! We recognize how busy people are in today’s world and have invested in the infrastructure to be able to offer virtual consultations and appointments. For new patients we can start the conversation ahead of time and discuss possible treatment options when examining your teeth remotely in a virtual consultation.

Dr. Walt or Dr. Matta will still need to look at your teeth and do a complete in-office examination—but starting a virtual conversation will allow us to save you time at the office and have more flexibility getting you in for an appointment as soon as possible.

With current patients, if we are able to complete part or your entire appointment virtually we will give you that option.

Enjoy the Digital Orthodontic Experience

At Walt Orthodontics, we offer the following technologies:

iTero® 3D Scanning

Impressionless Since 2017

No matter your treatment – Invisalign®, braces, appliances, retainers—we utilize a digital scanner to produce a replica of your teeth at every step of the way. The days of “goopy” uncomfortable impressions are long gone for a quick and painless process, keeping your comfort in mind!

We can even show you a simulation of your proposed treatment outcome after having a digital scan at your consultation appointment with real time accuracy allowing us to view any issue right away on the screen and make any necessary adjustments prior to approving the scan.

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3D Printing

In-House Retainers & Aligners

After we scan a patient’s mouth, the scan is sent to either an external lab, such as Invisalign®, or to our in-house lab. Our in-house lab is constantly running with not one, but two 3D printers! We are able to print and fabricate retainers and in some instances, aligners, ensuring the highest quality appliances for our patients.

Having an in-house lab also improves workflow, increases efficiency, keeps costs low and also reduces turnaround time, as travel time to and from outsourced labs is not needed.

Dental Monitoring

Convenience of an App

We utilize the Dental Monitoring app to monitor our Invisalign® patients. This technology allows us to monitor our patients’ progress remotely so they can come in for less frequent appointments. Because of our weekly photo monitoring, we are also able to catch any problems when they occur instead of after the fact, leading to faster treatment.

Furthermore, for teenagers, utilizing dental monitoring helps with accountability with wearing aligners. Overall this app is a big win-win for busy bodies and travelholics alike!

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Digital X-Rays

Enhanced Image Quality

X-rays are a key component to diagnosing orthodontic concerns. As a critical tool, using the latest technology gives us the upper hand and in return the best possible treatment outcomes. Digital x-rays allow for enhanced x-ray image quality, immediate viewing, and zero chemicals! Mostly importantly, radiation exposure can be reduced by as much as 90% from traditional film x-ray, need I say more?

Indirect Bonding & Custom Braces

LightForce™ 3D Printed Braces

Our office places the braces onto the teeth using targeted precision with our IDB (Indirect Bond) System reducing treatment time and placing brackets in optimal positions. Accurate placement of your braces allows for smoother and potentially faster treatment time.

Custom-made braces are becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to evolve. We were chosen as the first office in Canada to be able to offer LightForce™ Braces —a 3D printed custom bracket system. This takes the Indirect Bonding process even one more step forward!

Indirect BondingLightForce™ Braces


Fast Track Results

This advanced orthodontic technique works with your braces or Invisalign® aligners to speed up your orthodontic treatment with fewer office visits.

When Propel® is incorporated into the treatment plan it allows difficult tooth movements to become more predictable thus quickening tooth movement; think of it like dental acupuncture!

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Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

Also Known As “Mini Screws”

The use of TAD’s, is a beneficial orthodontic tool for complex cases. These screw-like devices are placed into the bone of the jaw using local anesthetic—you may feel a little bit of pressure, but no pain! The benefits of using this technology are to reduce the need to wear elastics, close spaces more efficiently, and even make certain oral surgeries unnecessary; this device is definitely small but mighty!

If the use of TAD’s is beneficial for your treatment then our doctors will review in-depth this minimal-maintenance option with you.


Have some questions on our technology here at Walt Orthodontics? Here are some common questions we get asked.

My child has a very sensitive gag reflex. Is there a chance he is not a candidate for 3D scanning?

Our office uses 3D scanning on all patients and it has completely replaced the use of goopy impressions. There are no limitations whatsoever and there will never be any gagging!

Is there an extra cost to use the Dental Monitoring App?

You can download the Dental Monitoring App for free onto your personal device from any app store. While there normally is a monthly monitoring fee, we provide Dental Monitoring to our patients as a complimentary service! We always want our patients to have access to the best treatment and experience.

If I have had x-rays taken elsewhere can I use them at your office?

Of course. If you have an x-ray that is of Orthodontic use, a panoramic and/or cephalometric x-ray, and taken within the last year then we ask you to forward it to so we can utilize it during your visit.

I travel a lot and may not be able to come in for my appointment, can I change my appointment to a virtual one?

When possible we will always give you the option to schedule a virtual appointment if applicable. If you know of your travels in advance then we can schedule your in person or virtual appointment seamlessly.

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

If you have been wanting your dream smile, our team at Walt Orthodontics is happy to help you achieve that! Call us to book a complimentary consultation.


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Treatment Resources

When considering orthodontic treatment, we want you to make an informed decision. Dr. Walt and our treatment coordinator will discuss the entire orthodontic process during your complimentary consultation, but feel free to peruse some educational content we have put together.

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