Thumb sucking. It isn’t un-usual and many infants and toddlers do it to calm themselves when they are feeling stressed or unsure. Most kids grow out of it, but every so often it sticks with a child as they grow older and that’s when it can be a real problem. Not just socially, but it’s bad for your teeth as well! The ongoing habit of thumb sucking can easily lead to poorly aligned jaw, or an overbite. Both problems are solved with an orthodontic solution and our staff are standing by to assist you and your child fix the problem with one of our various orthodontic techniques. However it’s best if you can get your child to kick the habit in the first place so these problems don’t occur.

If your child is finding it difficult to let go of the habit, here are a few tips to help get them to stop:

1) Be supportive. Explain the problems to them and ask them to work to remember not to do it.

2) Introduce a plastic bandage which once worn will remind them. Honestly, most kids just plain forget.

3) Avoid using bitter liquids. This should be treated just like potty training and supportive encouragement is what will get you results, not scolding or punishments.

4) Don’t worry or fret about it. Your child will pick up on your anxiety and that will likely cause their anxiety to increase.

If your child has been thumb sucking a long time, we recommend you bring them by our Orthodontics practice where we will evaluate them for any damage that may have been done. The earlier you address and issues, the less expensive your orthodontics solution will likely be. Remember, orthodontics is priced on a case by case basis. Like many things, preventive measures will often save you the most money long term.

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