There are many changes we see in our children during their early years of development. We often take our kids for routine check ups with their family doctor, but have you thought about the importance of their oral health? Walt Orthodontics is here to help you better understand when your child should come in for their first visit. From here, we can assess, discuss preventive measures, if needed, and make a plan for the future!

What To Watch Out For!

#1. Their first set of permanent molars have erupted. This is one of the easiest signs to indicate that your child should see an orthodontist, as now they have more than enough permanent teeth to start making an assessment.

#2. Prolonged thumbsucking, or pacifier use. This behaviour can cause future problems, such as constriction of the upper jaw or an irregular bite!

#3. Inability to speak clearly. Lisping is a common attribute of young children. As they grow up and learn to speak clearly, make sure your child’s teeth or jaw alignment is not at fault for their speech impediment.

#4. Issues with biting or chewing. This could be accidentally biting their cheeks when eating, or difficulty breaking food down in their mouth.

#5. Excessive mouth breathing or snoring. This can be an indicator that your child is breathing solely from their mouth due to a constricted airway. An orthodontist will be able to tell if this is part of a larger issue.

#6. A jaw that makes noise, protrudes or recedes. Monitoring your child’s bite is what an orthodontist does best. If your child complains of biting the roof of their mouth, a misaligned bite might be the cause.

#7. Their baby teeth are falling out at an abnormal rate. This can cause problems as rapid tooth loss can lead to an irregular pattern of future adult teeth. Also, not losing any baby teeth may also be a problem.

Come See Us In Vaughan!

Dr. Walt, Dr. Matta and our orthodontic team are passionate about the oral health and wellbeing of you and your family. If your child is seven years of age, or showing any of these indications, it’s time for a professional opinion! Come in for a complimentary consultation, and let us present to you your personalized treatment plan! We may say that nothing needs to be done right now and it will be best to wait and monitor. When ready, we offer a variety of services including Invisalign, braces and retainers. Give us a call at 905-553-8666 to learn more about early intervention for your child, and book a consultation today!

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