When translucent attachments are added to your teeth as part of your Invisalign treatment we find that some patients have difficulty in inserting and removing aligners. We have come up with some tricks and tips to help you through this process.

Inserting your Invisalign Aligners:

When inserting your aligner, always start on your front teeth and then work your way to the back. Gently push the aligners over all of the teeth. Once the tray is fully covering your teeth push harder to make sure it is 100% seated. Use the chew sticks we provide to ensure proper seating.

Do not ever bite your aligners in place as this can cause the tray to bend or break.

Do not force your aligners in. If the aligner feels like it’s not seating completely, your aligner may have folded. If this happens, you can gently unfold the area back outward and try fitting it again.

One of the most common problems we encounter is that sometimes patients find the back of the aligner does not fit snug against the last molar. Often this is due to the manufacturing process as when the aligner is initially removed from the cast upon which it was made, the end can become temporarily distorted. Simply hold the aligner with one hand and use your other one to pinch the last molar area together and then downwards. You will find the aligner will fit better when you re-insert it.

Removing your Invisalign Aligners:

We always recommend starting from the very back tooth on the inside of your mouth. You want to take your finger and almost ”flick” the tray in a downwards motion. This will release the tray and make it easier to get ahold of. Do this on both sides of your mouth. Once you have released the tray, you can grab both sides and pull down and forward gently over each tooth.

Change into your new aligners before bed at night. Whenever you change into a new aligner, it is tighter and tougher to remove at the beginning. By putting it in before you go to bed, it’s easier to get out in the morning.

Do not pull your aligners off with excessive force. This can tear the aligner or break attachments off your teeth. Gently try to wiggle/rock the trays over difficult or crowded areas.

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