Just when you think you have the swing of your Invisalign treatment, all of a sudden you find yourself with attachments. This tricky feature has stumped many patients, but is essential for your treatment to be as successful as possible! At Walt Orthodontics, we are here to give you a few tricks to help you pull your aligners off with ease when you have attachments. With our tips, you’ll soon be able to pull your aligners out with ease!

Take Your Time With It

The best thing to remember when getting frustrated is that patience is key! You don’t want to pull too hard as you may damage your trays, or worse, your teeth. Try loosening one side at a time and subtly pull down. If you don’t get anywhere, try switching to the other side and keep repeating until the trays slide off. Never stick any foreign objects in between your teeth and trays, as this can do serious damage. The next time you come in for a visit, ask us to do a demonstration so you can see for yourself just how easy it is!


Try From the Inside

One strategy to help loosen off the aligner is to try from the inside. Stick your finger at the edge of the aligner from the inside and pull down (on the top), or up (on the bottom). This will often raise the aligner at the back. Once this is done, slowly work your way from back to front. Another common area where the aligner may be challenging to remove is the canine area. Often, it is easier to remove this area from the front side. 


Practice Makes Perfect!

Although it seems like a challenge now, you’ll be an expert in no time! Experienced Invisalign wearers recommend starting in the back by pulling down on the part that covers your molars. As these teeth are much thicker, it will lessen the discomfort you feel from pulling, as your front teeth are more sensitive! Over time as your aligners subtly ease up, the days of an attachment headache will be a thing of the past! 


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