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Propel at Walt Orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics is a treatment concept used in conjunction with braces or Invisalign that aids in accomplishing the same goals as traditional orthodontic treatment in less time. It is a concept that is quickly becoming more popular with adult patients due to the fact that the procedure allows teeth to straighten in months, cutting treatment times significantly.  There are various methods of accelerated orthodontic treatment. Here are two offered by Propel:

Propel Technology has created a method in which micro osteoperforations are made in the bone, surrounding areas requiring large tooth movements or stubborn teeth that just won’t budge. In other words, it is a minor surgical procedure creating small pinhole openings in the gums and bone around the teeth, done under local anaesthesia, promoting teeth to move quicker during orthodontic treatment. The perforations cause inflammation in the area allowing teeth to move faster, as it increases bone remodelling activity. The integrity of the bone and teeth stay intact while accelerating orthodontic treatment. 

Another method of accelerated orthodontics offered by Propel is the VPro5. The VPro5 is a high frequency vibration device used in conjunction with aligners for 5 minutes every day, utilizing a mouthpiece that distributes a gentle micro-pulse (or vibration), that is strong enough to speed up tooth movement, but gentle enough not causing any discomfort or harm.

If you are bothered by crooked teeth, but can’t bear the thought of wearing braces for years, accelerated orthodontics may be your answer! Be sure to consult with an Orthodontist who has training and experience with accelerated orthodontics, and you could begin your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile in less time than you thought! 

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