Dental Monitoring is an app on your smartphone that enables us to track your Invisalign treatment remotely. Every week, you will take a photo scan of your smile in the dental monitoring app using your smartphone – it’s similar to taking a selfie – but we will teach you how. The photo is uploaded to our portal, where it is checked by Dr. Walt and Dr. Matta and compared to your treatment plan. If we are happy with the progress and the fit of your Invisalign clear aligners, you can continue without having to come in for an in-office appointment. You can also send messages within the app directly to us if you have any concerns, or if you feel your aligners aren’t fitting properly.

Dental monitoring allows you to spend less time in our Vaughan office, and more time keeping up with your busy life!


These are just some of the many clients who typically opt for dental monitoring:


Easy as taking a selfie

Parents have more peace of mind because their teen’s aligners, elastics and brushing are being monitored weekly

Makes treatment easier for students who are away at university and can only come back at limited intervals


Fewer in-person appointments

A convenient and timely way to communicate directly with your orthodontist

More flexibility to travel frequently or be away for longer periods of time

Fewer appointments cluttering your calendar


Regular scanning makes your treatment more proactive because we can find and solve problems sooner

Shorter treatment lengths as we keep a closer eye on your progress and have fewer setbacks. If you are not ready to switch into the next aligner, we will let you know when to move


Interested in straightening your teeth without as many in-person appointments? Here are some common questions we get asked about Dental Monitoring.

Will I still work with an orthodontist?

Yes, your orthodontist will still develop your treatment plan. The doctor monitors you very closely since they see your teeth virtually before each and every aligner change.

Is there an additional fee for dental monitoring? It must be expensive if it’s a new technology!

Because the Dental Monitoring app allows us to provide the best treatment and experience for our patients, there is no additional fee for this exciting new technology and service!

What if I’m not very tech-savvy?

Our office is more than happy to dedicate one-on-one time to set up and instruct you on how to use the Dental Monitoring app. We walk you through each step, and make our patients pro’s at taking their weekly scans!

How does Dental Monitoring technology Work?

Dental monitoring uses control vision technology, similar to that used in camera guided surgeries, which has been in use for quite some time. It collects data provided by your smartphone and is able to relay that data for your orthodontist to analyze.

Is Dental Monitoring replacing my Orthodontist?

No, it’s just a new tool that provides your orthodontist with more data so that they can customize your treatment even more. Our office gets to create a custom protocol that allows us to determine exactly what we want to monitor, how often we want to monitor it, and when and how we want to communicate with you. This makes your treatment more accurate and faster.

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