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Instead of providing you with all of our info in a pocket folder that will likely eventually be thrown out, we thought it would be great to save some trees and put everything you need to know on here in a concise, direct format.

If you have reached this page, then by now you have met our friendly front desk staff, our delightful records technician and our knowledgeable treatment coordinator; but the main event is about to begin! Dr.
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Considering Orthodontics is an exciting time. Our goal is to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, but there are definitely multiple factors and personalizations to account for in order to ensure the treatment is right for you! We’ll help you through every step of the way.Walt will be with you shortly – he’s worthithe wait G

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Hoping you are an Invisalign candidate? Spruce up on your Invisalign IQ and be prepared to have the most seamless experience that works with your lifestyle using Dental Monitoring. Never heard of it? That’s because Walt Ortho is setting the benchmark, you’re welcome!

Braces have come a long way from when Dr. Walt had his braces in the 90’s! LightForce brackets allow for a fully custom experience with an esthetic appeal. To help prepare you for “A day in the life of braces” you can review some modifications to your food choices and how to care for your cool new appliances.

Why does my 7 year old need ortho right now? Good news is, they may or they may not! 1 out of 4 kids we see needs early intervention with an orthodontic appliance, however those “lucky” 25% will have less complex orthodontic needs in the future if tackled now. Common orthodontic options for children are practical, comfortable and easy to incorporate day-to-day.



At Walt Orthodontics we believe everyone deserves a smile that wows! We strive to offer competitive treatment fees with the highest quality standard of care, using the most innovative technologies available. You can rest assured knowing Walt Orthodontics offers some great financial features – your treatment specific fee will be shared with you by our treatment coordinator. Do you have Orthodontic insurance that you need assistance with? If you have not already provided us with those details, now is a great time to let us know.


We hope you have an informative consultation experience with reassurance you are in good hands. Feel free to contact us over email, text or phone with any of your questions or thoughts…we also love a high five! 


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We’re an orthodontic practice conveniently located at the junction of Vaughan, Thornhill, Maple, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, and King City. We specialize in Invisalign and braces using the latest in digital technology to ensure we provide you with the most current and comprehensive care for a truly bespoke smile.


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