Your First Visit

We have a lot in store for you during your first visit to Walt Orthodontics. Our goal for this consult appointment is to show you our practice, teach you about your/your child’s teeth and bite, determine if orthodontic treatment is required, and inform you of your options accordingly.

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Use our handy online scheduler to choose the date and time that works best for your initial complimentary consultation appointment! If you would like to do your free consultation from home, please complete our virtual consultation platform.

Welcome to your 2023 Orthodontic Consultation

The year is 2023 and we, at Walt Orthodontics, are firm believers that your orthodontic treatment should reflect this! It’s not 2018, or 2010, and definitely not 1998 (when Dr. Walt had his braces). 

Gone are the days of headgear around your neck, metal braces as the only treatment option, and of course, gooey impressions that make you gag! Orthodontics evolves every year and we are committed to making sure you are being exposed to the latest and greatest.

At Walt Orthodontics we love creating beautiful smiles. We are a full-time, orthodontics-exclusive specialty office. We focus entirely on orthodontics and we do it very well!

Our team of doctors, hygienists, and assistants are passionate about orthodontics and transforming smiles. All of us here are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and treatment from the initial consultation until your final results are achieved. We recognize that our patients lead busy lives so we are committed to using the latest technology to make the treatment process as seamless as possible.

Walt Orthodontics 3 Phase Approach

New patients can expect an easy, three-phase process that is entirely centered on you!

Phase 1 – Consultation

Every patient’s smile transformation begins with a free consultation where we determine your specific concern and propose a personalized solution.

Phase 2 – Placement

The second visit will involve placing your new orthodontic appliance. Patient comfort is our priority. We will provide home care instructions and schedule ongoing visits.

Phase 3 – Ongoing Visits

The modern patient is busy and that’s all the more reason that effective orthodontics is important. Your appointments are customized and thoroughly prepared for. We hope that your visit to us will be one of the highlights of your day!

How to Prepare for Your First Visit


We are confident your excitement matches ours as we get prepared to have you in for a great first experience very soon!

There is no charge for your initial consultation appointment, which will take approximately 1 hour. We ask that you are available for this full amount of time to benefit from all components of the consultation. We encourage and welcome you to bring all decision-makers to the appointment. 

The more information we have, the more prepared we can be for you! What’s a doctor’s visit without a little digital paperwork? So it’s not the most exciting part, but it will help you save some time in the office by completing it before your appointment.

Prior to your appointment, we ask that you do the following:

Online Health History Form

Click on the link in the Welcome Email you received to complete your personalized online health history form.

Insurance Information

It would be our pleasure to help walk you through your insurance coverage details (if applicable). Please provide this information to us by uploading your insurance details in the health history form, or simply reply to the Welcome Email you received with:

  • Picture of your insurance card
  • Policy Holder’s name
  • Policy Holder’s date of birth.


If you have any orthodontic x-rays taken in the last year, please email them to us in advance of your appointment. We require 2 orthodontic specific x-rays in order to proceed with creating a treatment plan. If you don’t have any x-rays, it’s not a problem—we will be able to take them at no charge. If you do not wish to take any x-rays, please inform our office and we will reschedule the appointment for a later time when you are ready for them!

If you are unable to fill out the health history form ahead of time, please arrive a few minutes early and we will provide you with an iPad to complete the form in-office.

New Patient Checklist

Health History & Insurance

Digital Photos & X-Rays

Orthodontic Examination

One Beautiful Smile

What To Expect

We have a lot in store for you during your first visit to Walt Orthodontics. Our purpose for this consultation appointment is to:

  • Show you our practice
  • Teach you about your child’s teeth and bite
  • Learn more about your needs, goals, and budget
  • Determine if orthodontic treatment is required or will be helpful 
  • Answer all of your questions
  • Inform you of your options accordingly
What Makes Us Great

No pressure, just answers — the most important part will be to ensure you are comfortable and excited about transforming your smile under our care.

Your First Consultation

When you arrive at our office you/your child will be warmly greeted by our front desk staff. Be sure to check out your name on display in the front entrance chalkboard too! Once checked in we will show you around our ultra-modern office and get to work.

This is what we will be doing during the consultation appointment:

1. A quick 3-minute digital scan of your mouth that will show you the potential outcome of treatment. No goopy messy molds at this office—that’s for sure!
2. Digital photographs of your/your child’s face and teeth—think glamour shots in your mouth!
3. Digital x-rays to evaluate things we cannot directly see as well as the jaw bones and growth.
4. In a private office, you will meet with one of our doctors and our treatment coordinator for an initial exam. They’ll discuss what they envision for your treatment, estimate your treatment length, and answer any questions you may have.
5. We will provide you a treatment fee quote, review your insurance coverage and work out a payment plan that fits within your budget. Be sure to visit our finances page to explore your options.

We understand that your time is valuable. If you are ready to begin Invisalign® or Braces, we will do our very best to save you a trip and aim to start that day!

Not Ready for Orthodontic Treatment?

It is advised by the American Association of Orthodontists that every child should have their first orthodontic screening at age 7 while plenty of baby teeth are still present. Waiting for all the adult teeth to have erupted prior to being examined by an orthodontist is a huge misconception and can often lead to irreversible damage. It is better to be safe than sorry!

In general, less is usually more so most often no treatment is indicated. We only do early treatment (ages 7-10) if an orthodontic problem will continue to get worse and is more challenging or not possible to fix later. Alternatively, we often tackle orthodontic problems that create psycho-social issues or are prone to dental trauma relatively early.

If Dr. Walt or Matta recommend that no treatment be done for now, we usually recommend monitoring growth and tooth eruption. We call this our 7&UP Club and it is a complimentary service! Timing is everything when it comes to the future orthodontic treatment so we typically like to see our 7&UP Club members every 6-12 months for a quick, but very important check.

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Have some additional questions? Here are some common questions we get asked prior to the first appointment.

Do I need a referral to be seen by the Orthodontist?

No, a referral is not necessary. While many of our patients are referred by their family dentist, an even larger number of our patients take the initiative and schedule their consultation themselves.

What is the difference between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is actually a Dentist who has furthered their skillset with speciality training in Orthodontics. An Orthodontist has had an additional 3 years of education, and is an expert in straightening your teeth and choosing the treatment option that’s best for you.

Who should attend the initial consultation with my child or for myself?

We strongly encourage all decision makers to be present for the consultation. Extensive information will be provided directly from the Orthodontist and Treatment Coordinator. We are prepared and devoted to ensuring any questions or concerns are addressed during the consultation. Of course, if any questions arise afterwards we are happy to assist.

If I am recommended to have treatment, can I start the same day?

Absolutely! Most patients are eager to get started and we are able to accommodate that. Once our doctors determine your customized treatment plan we can move forward with your smile journey. 


Learn more about what to expect at Walt Orthodontics.

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