In today’s modern world, computer technology has become a major part of our daily lives. It is so integrated all around us, we almost don’t notice it and take it for granted. This digital revolution has even crossed over into Orthodontics, and there is some pretty cool technology to talk about.

With the proliferation of digital orthodontics into our Orthodontics office, Dr. David Walt now has the ability to manage the intricacies of tooth movements precisely and can provide a better quality of treatment for all patients.

Here are some of the advantages of going digital:

  • Saves Time: X-rays, scans, and files can be sent immediately to a patient’s dentist, a referring specialist, or external labs. Being digital reduces chairside time, allows for shorter patient appointment times, and more efficient staff. No time is wasted on developing X-rays or waiting for gooey impression material to set.
  • Precision and Accuracy: You don’t have to worry about distortion or inaccuracy with digital scan like you do with a traditional alginate impression. If there are any problems with the intra-oral scan, the clinician can see it right away on the screen and make any necessary adjustments prior to sending the scan to the lab.
  • A Positive Patient Experience: Digital scans are taken quickly and painlessly. The patient does not suffer from gagging with gooey alginate material, or repeated impressions to achieve perfection. Patients are also often able to see a simulation of the proposed treatment outcome after having a digital scan taken at their consultation appointment.
  • Benefits of Digital X-Rays: Digital x-rays allow for enhanced x-ray image quality and immediate viewing. Radiation exposure can be reduced by as much as 90% from traditional film x-rays!

At Walt Orthodontics, we have the latest available technology touching nearly every area of the practice. We value precision with our IDB (Indirect Bond) System for braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and our in-house lab which combines scanning and 3D printing to make retainers. We have also taken it to the next step in digital by becoming a paperless office – which means all of our patient charts are completely digital and easily accessed FAST. Our system sends out emails and text messages to confirm appointments, and all appointment notes, images, and patient communications are stored electronically, privately and securely.

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