Indirect Bonding

The days of putting on braces one by one are behind us! Most of the time braces can be set up ahead of time to allow for more accurate positioning – leading to more efficient appointments and treatment.

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Indirect Bonding at Walt Orthodontics

What Is It?

Braces are placed on 3D models of the teeth ahead of time. A custom tray is fabricated from the model (with the braces inside). The custom tray is placed over the teeth so all the braces are glued at the same time in their pre-determined positions.

Why We Do It?

Our office prefers indirect bonding because the process of putting on braces is much faster this way and patients report that they are able to better tolerate this method over the traditional way. In addition, the placement of your braces is more accurate compared to the traditional way. In the long run, this makes the treatment go smoother and potentially faster.

Benefits of Indirect Bonding

More Comfortable Initial Appointment
Faster Initial Appointment
More Accurate Positioning of Braces
Less Adjustments During Treatment

Treatment Resources

When considering orthodontic treatment, we want you to make an informed decision. Dr. Walt and our treatment coordinator will discuss the entire orthodontic process during your complimentary consultation, but feel free to peruse some educational content we have put together.

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