Removing My Permanent Retainer

October 14, 2014
I made the decision this week to remove the permanent retainer that is glued to the back of my front lower six teeth. I have lived with one glued to my teeth for 14 years...

Invisalign Attachments

August 25, 2014
A Patient in our Vaughan practice asked me about using attachments and Invisalign. Are they permanent?Are they even noticeable?

How Does Invisalign Work?

June 29, 2014
Is invisalign an option for you? A significant knowledge of orthodontics (working with an actual Orthodontist) is a good first step...

We are Gold Certified by the Eco Dentistry Association!

April 24, 2014
-FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Media contact: Dr. David Walt 905-553-8666 Walt Orthodontics Earns Eco-Dentistry Gold Certification   Vaughan orthodontic practice achieves charter certification from Eco-Dentistry Association Vaughan, ON April 21, 2014 - Walt Orthodontics is one of the first 100…

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