Are you or your child seeking orthodontic treatment, but find it difficult to take the plunge and make the commitment because of your busy schedule? Well look no further – the solution just might be “Dental Monitoring,” and it is the latest and greatest technology in the orthodontic world. Dental Monitoring is the newest innovation to be introduced to our patients treated with Invisalign at our office.

What Exactly is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a smartphone app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology, allowing our orthodontists to monitor their patients’ progress remotely. Weekly scans are taken on your smartphone (think selfie of your teeth!), uploaded to the app, and are then analyzed and compared to the treatment plan in the clinic by the orthodontist. If everything is shown on the scan is approved, a message is relayed to you to proceed to your next aligner. 

So what are the main benefits to Dental Monitoring? Below we examine why our clients love it!

1. Mobile App Flexibility

Since most people have a smartphone at their side most hours of the day, taking a simple scan which is as easy as taking a selfie is an easy to use process. There is consistent contact with patients between appointments through a series of scans and live messaging.

2. Fewer In-Person Appointments 

Dental monitoring for invisalign while being active outside

The Dental Monitoring software allows fewer in-office appointments. Thanks to this innovative technology, we can keep in regular communication with you by getting weekly updates on your treatment without you even having to come into the clinic for checkups! There are fewer appointments to add to your already busy schedule, and you save time and gas spent (not to mention your sanity for sitting in traffic) driving to appointments! You can upload scans from anywhere in the world meaning no need to miss important times in your life such as school, work and the vacation you have been itching to take! 

3. Proactive Adjustments 

What do you do if you haven’t worn your aligners full-time for the week? Or if you go on vacation and wanted to wear your aligners less frequently? These common concerns can lead to poor fitting aligners and minimal treatment progress if managed incorrectly. If mismanaged, the problem can persist for a few months, until your next in-office appointment, which ultimately will prolong treatment. Luckily Dental Monitoring technology is the solution to this problem. Through our remote monitoring, we proactively screen for fit issues, catch them as they arise and do not let them persist. The software gives us the ability to monitor your progress every week, your treatment is more proactive, allowing adjustments to be made more often, with no need for frequent office visits. Not only will Dr. Walt and the Walt Orthodontics team be constantly engaged with you with live messaging through the app, but we are also able to identify any problem areas before they become a treatment extending issue, allowing greater accuracy of results to be achieved. 

4. Building Teenage Responsibility

Teen in Invisalign? No problem! The Dental Monitoring app allows your teen to take more initiative and responsibility while making it exciting to wear their aligners! Parents can now rest assured that we are tracking not only the wear of the aligners weekly and relaying any potential problems as they occur, but we are also able to hold your teen accountable for the use of any elastics and even their oral hygiene! This ensures the success of their well-spent investment. 

5. Accessible Treatment History

Lady checking invisalign dental monitory history using the app

As your orthodontic treatment progresses, and you see changes in your smile, you want to be able to compare or show off the before and after! With the Dental Monitoring app, you can see your full treatment history and progress at your fingertips! 

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

If you have been wanting orthodontic treatment but life has been getting in the way, now your problem is solved! 

Call us today via 905.553.8666, text via 289.205.4999, or fill out a website form to book a free consultation appointment and speak with our staff on how Dental Monitoring can fit into your life. 


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