You are on your way to making an informed decision about the right orthodontic solution for you!  Remember, every orthodontic case is unique, just like every patient is unique.  Use the options below to learn more about answers to common questions regarding braces and orthodontic solutions.

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First Days With Braces

You are one step closer to a beautiful smile! We’ve developed this page as a resource to help you get adjusted to life with braces. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Immediately after your bonding appointment, when we initially glue the brackets onto your teeth, we recommend that you start taking over-the-counter analgesics (i.e. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen) and follow the dosing instructions on the bottle. Research studies show that you will likely experience a minor, dull, or achy discomfort a few hours after your appointment. This minor discomfort peaks at about a day after the appointment and gradually decreases over the next few days. During this time we recommend that you eat soft foods. Your teeth should feel completely normal about a week after your bonding appointment.

Some other things to expect during your initial days with braces:


Loose teeth

It is not uncommon for some teeth to feel loose once they start to move. They will go back to normal once they have reached their intended position.

Sore lips/cheeks

The braces and wire may rub against your lips and cheeks causing some irritation. Use the wax we provided and/or rinse with warm salt water. After a few days your cheeks will get used to the braces and wires and you will no longer experience irritation.

Broken brackets

A bracket or two may come off after the initial bonding or during treatment. It is almost always not an emergency and can generally wait to be fixed. Use wax for temporary relief and give us a call to let us know.

Altered bite

Sometimes we glue material onto your teeth to change your bite slightly when the braces come on. Also, once your teeth start moving your bite may feel a bit different. This is completely normal and part of treatment.

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